Affirmations Can Be Slow to Come


We all need them. Affirmations.
We all need them because this world runs like a food chain, even in the professional fields.
C needs to impress B with his work so that B can use it and put together something in order for her to impress A.
I think we all know, or have heard: rejection is inevitable.

“Your writing isn’t good enough to post in this column.”
“Your speed on track isn’t going to get you to the championship.”
“Your design looks completely off track from what the clients wanted.”

For me personally, I could face a variety of types of rejection.
A producer may not like my voice.
Or my style of singing.
A show organizer may not like the way I perform.
I may not get a significant amount of views, or likes, or shares on a Youtube video.
Or maybe the comments just aren’t…

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