Still Missing Selena

Alexa Rose

She was on her way to super stardom when she was murdered by her supposed friend, “biggest fan” and the president of her fan club/assistant Yolanda Saldivar on March 31st, 1995. She was discovered to be stealing money from Selena’s fan club and her fashion and salon boutique. At the time of her death Selena had two Grammy nominations (with one win in 1994) under her belt. She gained the super stardom she was trying to receive after her passing with the album “Dreaming of You” released a few months after her death.. it was an English-Spanish album. Selena was such a good person by different accounts from different people and that she was very trusting and kind. I do believe that Yolanda was obsessed with Selena and was living her life through Selena. And couldn’t stand to not be in her life after Selena was trying to sever ties…

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