Who Invented Cut/Copy and Paste? A Million Thanks to Him.

Nathan White

1382085_437601079682190_1231954680_n (1)

If you’re reading this on Discovery.com, chances are you know how to use a computer or mobile device. (If you’re reading this on a piece of paper that you had to have someone print for you, you might as well stop reading now.) As the technically savvy — even at the lowest level — you most likely know how to cut/copy and paste words, phrases, or entire paragraphs from one document or text field into another. We do it so often in day-to-day computer life that we take it for granted; it’s merely one of the little things that computers can do. But can you imagine a modern world without cut/copy and paste? You’d have to do a ton of more typing and memorization.

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We can thank one Larry Tesler, the computer scientist who’s credited in history…

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