The Real-Life Story behind Annabelle gave me more “Goose Bumps” Than the Movie

Alexa Rose

For somebody who is frightened of her own shadow, I don’t know why I adore frightening movies (it must be an intuitive, mental endeavor to vanquish my apprehensions). I’ll sit in a dim theater, shout in dread, and present a couple of nights of great slumber for the purpose of a fright fest. Anyway the one thing I have never—and will never— do is go to a presentation by the Warrens.

Ed (now deceased) and Lorraine Warren were paranormal investigators whose work has roused a huge number of startling films The Amityille Horror, The Conjuring, A Haunting in Connecticut. What’s more every year, around Halloween time, they (now Lorraine and her child in-law, Tony Spera) put on an arrangement of presentations—complete with feature, recording, and photographic confirmation in Connecticut about their encounters with the “other” side: spirits, phantoms, evil presences, and so forth. In this year their presentations have been…

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