Drugs, Violence, Crime… and Tolstoy

Hammering Shield


“Our social order depends on violence,” writes Leo Tolstoy in The Law Of Love And The Law Of Violence. “We fail to see all the crimes committed each day, all in the name of the public good. Instead we see only the rare, vulgar forms of violence and concern ourselves only with those who are CALLED murderers and thieves.”

Violence and the threat of violence hangs over us in every minute of every day. Lust (euphemistically denoted as love) may make the world go round, but violence determines the channels we will take to satisfy those lusts. The prevalent sense of impending violence is, we assume, what keeps our property secure and us safe in our homes. It is, ultimately (by enforcement of taxes), what keeps the government funded and what keeps the gears of society spinning in their proper tracks in all realms of activity– from the…

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