Malala wins Nobel Peace Prize

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Pakistani child education activist Malala
Yousafzai and Indian child rights activist Kailash
Satyarthi have won the Nobel Peace Prize.
At 17, Malala is the youngest recipient of the
The teenager was shot in the head by Taliban
gunmen in October 2012 for campaigning for
girls’ education.
The Nobel committee said the pair were awarded
the prize “for their struggle against the
suppression of children and young people”.
Mr Satyarthi, 60, has maintained the tradition of
Mahatma Gandhi and headed various forms of
peaceful protests, “focusing on the grave
exploitation of children for financial gain,” the
committee said.
This year’s record number of 278 nominees
included Pope Francis and Congolese
gynaecologist Denis Mukwege, although the full
list was kept a secret.

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