This Video Inspires Me A Lot

Sometimes in life we see things that stop and demand we take action. What is the catalyst that inspires you to do good?

I believe that one of the desires to do good in this world stems from the empathy of our own hearts. To a certain extent, we feel the same loneliness, frustration, disappointment, etc. as others. More often than not, our (or my) discomfort often urges me to initiate change. Imagine how difficult it would be to look at a starving child without feeling some kind of emotion. When I see these pictures online, I can’t help but think of my family and my friends; I think I can safely say that no one wants to see their friends and family starving. In this way, I have a desire to help the people who truly need it. I want to see the people in pain or suffering with an expression on their face that doesn’t show negativity.

Another way I am inspired to do good in this world is my own experience. For example I was a very chubby boy at a young age; I was often teased and excluded from games on the playground because who wants the chubby kid who can’t do anything? That feeling of dejection and disappointment is something I would never want anyone else to feel. In essence, the experience of being something that was uncomfortable allows me to connect with others; in effect, I want to help those who are feeling the same way I once did.

I think that God created variation to inspire us, so every single creature is an inspiration. I’m not saying that I’m not inspired by people, on the contrary I have met and read about many people who have gone through the thick and thin, brook the molds and kindled inspiration in broken souls by their spontaneity and simplicity and have saved the day more than once. In fact there is no need to name them because we all have those characters engraved in our souls and hearts, we just wear a sweet smile on our faces whenever we remember them because they are perfectly BEAUTIFUL :).


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