A Letter from Mom & Dad


Dear Child,

In the autumn of my life, please try to understand and be patient with me, if, due to my declining vision. I break a plate or spill some soup on the table. Please, don’t berate me. Old people easily get hurt. Self-pity breaks me. When I could hardly hear and couldn’t understand a word you say, don’t call me “deaf! “Please. Simply repeat it or write it down. I’m sorry, my child, I’m so old. When I could hardly stand up because my knees are weak, please, help me up Just like what I did when you were just learning to stand up and walk. Be patient with me, my child, if I sound like a broken record. Just listen and don’t laugh at me. Do you remember when you were young? When you wanted a balloon, you would ask for it the whole day through ‘til you finally had it. I was so patient with your childish demands then. I’m sorry if I smell like an old coffin. I guess, old people smell the same. Don’t force me to take a bath, please. My body is fragile. I easily get sick with a sudden change of temperature. Don’t abhor, or despise me. Do you remember when you were young? I even playfully chased you down under the bed when you didn’t want to take a bath. Be patient with me if often I am cranky. That’s probably because of my old age. When you grow old, you’ll understand. Can I have a piece of your time, please? I just want to have a little conversation with you. It feels so lonely alone at home the whole day with no one to talk with. I know you’re busy with your work; but I long for your presence too, to talk and be with; well, you can pretend to like my stories. Do you remember when you were a child? I would look at your eyes and patiently listen to your stories about your teddy bear, crushes and little adventures. And when the time comes that I could not get up anymore, pinned on the cursed bed of suffering, you may not get reluctant and tired of taking care of me…Forgive me if I pee or defecate on my bed due to incontinence. Please, bear with me at the last moment of my life. Anyway, I won’t stay much longer. On my deathbed, please hold my hand and make me strong in facing the inevitable death. And please, don’t worry, for when I come face to face with our Creator, I will whisper and beg Him to bless you, for you’ve been A… loving… Child…Thank you for taking care of us…

Lovingly yours,

Your Mom and Dad.


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