Top 7 Greatest Superheroes (Part 1)


“Superheroes are modern mythology. They are fantasies of what we may become.”


As our world economy continues to hang in balance, population constantly increasing, jobless rates and crime rates soar, the climate change and wars, folks are concurrently turning to superhero movies, games and comics in multitudes. Why it is superheroes are damn so interesting?

There are bunch of superheroes out there and strictly speaking we love them! Superheroes are about us.  They are less about the adventures of people who wear masks and fight crime than the courage and daydreams of those who wish we could. For almost all my life I´ve dreamed about having the necessary equipment in any given situation to kick bad ass like Batman does.

These are my top 7 favorite superheroes of all time:


“Look up in the sky, It’s a Bird… it’s a Plane… No Its Superman. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”


Superman, who disguised as Clark Kent , is a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper fight.  He is a very human character who faces great challenges both on the streets of Metropolis. He embodies all that is great about superheroes and the personification of the human dream.


Superman was portrayed as having the ability to move huge vehicles such as cars, trains, and ships.


Superman’s quick speed increased to the point where he could portable faster than light. Stories describe him navigating great distances through the universe and even distant galaxies. He could cross our own solar system in minutes.  He can also approach Aquaman’s swimming speed as well as running similar to Flash.


Superman’s is also capable of freezing objects and can make hurricane-force winds. He can also hold his breath, allowing him to travel in outer space and underwater.


Superman possessed genius intelligence and an eidetic memory. Superman also possessed the mental ability to display out the massive amount of info received by his heightened senses, and to concentrate on a particular detail, such as a voice or location. As well, his rapid reading capabilities were much like that of the Flash. He was able to absorb large quantities of data quickly; whether it entered his short term or long term memory.


“The Madder the Hulk gets, the Stronger he gets”


We all know that Hulk is one of the strongest superhero on Earth and beyond. With his ultimate strength and power he can lift a hundred tons. But he is more than just strength, he got multitude of powers and abilities. At the point of his anger and stress, an increase in adrenaline causes his strength to increase intensely. These are some power and abilities of hulk


Did you know that The Hulk can travel up to 3 miles in just one leap? His legs are augmented so much that’s because he can travel extra miles. He has also been known to make a vertical leap to the outer edges of the atmosphere.


Hulk is a very tough guy. Although he isn’t indestructible, he does have high resistance to extreme heat and cold, fire, grenades, bullets and concussion forces. But he also has limitations. He could not endure “ground zero” of a nuclear explosion.


Aside from Deadpool, Wolverine and Juggernaut, Hulk has perhaps the quickest healing factor and skin-hardening which is related to Incarnation.  Wounds that would be deadly to other heroes take a short time for Hulk to mend. He has impressive regenerative capabilities. He takes more damage than most other characters would be able to, and recovers.


Hulk has another power and that is the ability to breath under water. His body developed a gland, which creates pressure in the Hulk’s lungs and effectively lets him breathe underwater, thus avoiding decompression


“I don’t want your help. I don’t need your help. Now, get out of my home.” – Batman



Batman doesn’t have any powers. He’s has elevated himself to near superhuman being who is driven by determination to wipe out crime and has rigorous trained body and mind. He has acquired at the peak of human strength and skills.  He is a master of different martial arts, thus making him a very erratic opponent to his enemies. Through the years of study, he has become one of the world’s greatest technologist, investigators, strategists, and criminologists and a master of disguise as well.
Batman really has no powers to speak of, just a huge bank account to fund his gadgets, a vast intellect to help him sort his way out of any situation, as well as solve crimes, and an amazing physical regimen which helps him stay in shape and fight at the top of his game.


Without some cool gadgets and weaponries under the hero’s utility belt, it wouldn’t be a batman game. So, among many of his gadgets are: Batman’s most notorious weapon, the Batarang which is a roughly bat-shaped throwing weapon similar to a boomerang. It can knock down enemies from a fair distance away or daze them temporarily. Next is the Batclaw, it is a device used to grapple onto vents, pipes and other objects. It is also used to grasp opponents. Also one of the best gadgets is the bat mobile, which is convertible from simple fast travelling tank to high-tech flying car. From this, batman can access his batman computer, contact allies, keep gadgets, and even occasionally in changing clothes.


2 thoughts on “Top 7 Greatest Superheroes (Part 1)

  1. Superman better than Batman, really? I’d put Iron Man above the Hulk, too, but I have a preference for the ordinary man above aliens or genetically altered heroes. Probably why my favourite dc/marvel universe characters are Commissioner Gordon and Agent Coulson!


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